Hello everybody,
Today me and my fellow blogger at whattoreadwriteseeanddo.blogspot.com will be launch a YA writing competition. This is a free contest, there is no entry fee.

The different categories of this contest are as followed...

  1. Poetry (Must be at least five lines)
  2. Flash Fiction (200 to 500 words total)
  3. Short Story (1,000 to 3,000 words total)
  4. Persuasive Essay (Less than six paragraphs)
If you have any writing that you think is truly amazing and you want to enter it in this contest you have to follow these rules and regulations.

  1. Writing must fall into one of the four categories.
  2. One winner will be chosen for each of these categories.
  3. All writing must be YA appropriate (12 to 20 years of age)
  4. You can enter up to two pieces in each category, but you can only win at most two categories because we want everyone to have a chance.
  5. You CAN simultaneously enter in this contest with other contests, but you CAN'T submit already published works.
The winners will receive recognition on both blogs and be published on both blogs with opportunities for publishers to see your work (Yes publishers look at these blogs so make them happy!). 

How to enter this contest?
To enter this contest you have to fill out a Google entry form.
You can enter by clicking HERE

If this link does not work please enter in the form below

Thank you everybody who entered, any questions you can email me at bookloversliftingandcrushing@gmail.com !!

Deadline will be July 31, 2016

Bonne Chance!

Delaney M.

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