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Problems/Things That Book Nerds Do

This is my third post for problems/things that book nerds do.

#1. Books are drugs, and we are 100% addicted.
#2. When people say, "It's just a story"/"It's just a character"
#3. When you read a line that is just so amazing that you close the book and stare at whatever is in front of you for a while.
#4. Smiling stupidly in public when your OTP gets together in the book.
#5. Acting as if you are in the movie that plays in your head ("Whoa! That arrow came out of nowhere!" *swishes head around)
#6. The looks that you get when you scream at a character due to their decisions in public.
#7. Associating certain books with certain parts of your life.
#8. The worst thing in the world is someone spoiling a book for you.
#9. Having to wait for a year for the next book in a series to come out.
#10. Having to reorganize your books after you go buy a lot of them.

Those were ten things that are problems for book nerds, and things that we do. 


Confessions of a Book Nerd #1

Here are some confessions of a book nerd.

#1. We don't care about whatever someone is talking about when we are reading.
#2. We look tired, because we are, we decided to finish that last 100 pages of our book, instead of sleeping.
#3. We smell our books, and we don't care if people look at us while we do it. 
#4. Most of the time, we are sick of people asking us what certain books were about when they were supposed to read them for homework.
#5. Half of the cool sentences that we say, are quotes from books.
#6. We hate the people who read one or two popular books/series, and say they are a nerd. 
An example:
#7. We have a couple of books that we are absolutely ashamed of to love. #8. We judge books by their covers. (Don't deny it, everybody does it.) #9. We do not like to lend out books.  #10. We are those people in the movies that are watching the adaptation, and yell at the scream and rate it badly because IT IS NOT CLOSE TO THE BOOKS!!!
Those are the first 10 confessions of a book …

Book Nerd Problems/things that we do #2

Tell me if you would like me to do confessions of a book nerd.
This is my second post for book nerd problems, some people have liked them in the past day, so I decided to make another one.

#1. Laughing when someone calls you a book nerd because they think that it's an insult.
#2. When you figure out a plot twist before it happens, and you feel like Sherlock Holmes.
#3. Reading in school, and trying to keep a straight face when all you want to do is either grin madly or cry hysterically.
#4. Getting to fond and into books that my parents and friends are getting worried.
#5. Feeling sorry for the people that talk to me while I'm reading.
#6. "I'd rather be reading."
#7. How angry you get when your eyes jump down the page to read a huge plot twist, too soon.
#8. Needing to sniff your new book in school.
#9. Anything and everything becomes a bookmark.
#10. When you want to kill the people that say, "That is a rip off of the Hunger Games."
#11. Wanting to kill a person…

Book Nerd Problems #1

These are some problems that I am almost sure that all book nerds have encountered.

#1: When you say that you want a book to become a movie, what you really want is a 19-hour-long spectacle that features every single detail that happens in the book with the perfect actors playing characters. (Seriously this shouldn't be that hard actually, you have exact character descriptions, exact dialogue, and perfect plot points)
#2: Pronouncing a word incorrectly because you have read it thousands of times but have never heard it out loud.
#3: When you decide to "Start" a book before bed.
#4: Getting the biggest book-hangover, and going to school/work and being even more anti-social because you just CANT.
#5: When you have to sometimes have to just calm down and take a big breath while reading because you become too emotionally attached to the plot and characters.
#6: Avoiding audiobooks because you want to keep/make up your own voice for the characters.


Childhood Book Remembrance

These are 5 books/series that I read as a child, and absolutely loved. Some books/series that actually got me into reading.

The Harry Potter SeriesThe Name of This Book is Secret SeriesThe Mysterious Benedict Society SeriesThe HobbitThe Chronicles of Narnia Those are my five most influential books that I read as a child. 
What are yours?


Book Expo America, Biggest book festival in America,  Who's going?  Me? Maybe. Hopefully. Missing school, Maybe. 
Who else is going?