Confessions of a Book Nerd #1

Here are some confessions of a book nerd.

#1. We don't care about whatever someone is talking about when we are reading.
#2. We look tired, because we are, we decided to finish that last 100 pages of our book, instead of sleeping.
#3. We smell our books, and we don't care if people look at us while we do it. 
#4. Most of the time, we are sick of people asking us what certain books were about when they were supposed to read them for homework.
#5. Half of the cool sentences that we say, are quotes from books.
#6. We hate the people who read one or two popular books/series, and say they are a nerd. 
An example:
#7. We have a couple of books that we are absolutely ashamed of to love.
#8. We judge books by their covers. (Don't deny it, everybody does it.)
#9. We do not like to lend out books. 
#10. We are those people in the movies that are watching the adaptation, and yell at the scream and rate it badly because IT IS NOT CLOSE TO THE BOOKS!!!

Those are the first 10 confessions of a book nerd. Comment if you want more. 


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