Book Nerd Problems/things that we do #2

Tell me if you would like me to do confessions of a book nerd.
This is my second post for book nerd problems, some people have liked them in the past day, so I decided to make another one.

#1. Laughing when someone calls you a book nerd because they think that it's an insult.
#2. When you figure out a plot twist before it happens, and you feel like Sherlock Holmes.
#3. Reading in school, and trying to keep a straight face when all you want to do is either grin madly or cry hysterically.
#4. Getting to fond and into books that my parents and friends are getting worried.
#5. Feeling sorry for the people that talk to me while I'm reading.
#6. "I'd rather be reading."
#7. How angry you get when your eyes jump down the page to read a huge plot twist, too soon.
#8. Needing to sniff your new book in school.
#9. Anything and everything becomes a bookmark.
#10. When you want to kill the people that say, "That is a rip off of the Hunger Games."
#11. Wanting to kill a person that says, "I don't need to read the book, I'll watch the movie."
#12. Instead of bringing your phone to the bathroom, you bring the book that you are currently reading.
#13. That urge you get to scream "Troll in the dungeon!" in a quiet space filled with people.
#14. When your favorite character dies and you are just like, "TAKE ME INSTEAD!" 
#15. This picture fully says the meaning of what was supposed to be my next one. 


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