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Just a Random Thought

I had just a Random thought that I would like to share with you all. It really is a question. Why do girls stress about getting a boyfriend? I mean, we have books and we fall in love with the characters and the great thing is is that you dont fall in love with how they look but how they act speak react and think. That I think is the best way to fall in love. Yeah they're fictional, so what! You don't have to deal with things a normal couple would and they are all yours. Because in actuality they don't come like they do in the books
 So instead of thinking that your life is over because you think you have no one to love, pick up a book. Read it and fall in love over and over with a fictional character. It doesn't matter and this may seem weird to some of you but to others, they know exactly what I am talking about. And who knows, maybe they'll make that book into a movie and that person will be a perfect dream cast. At least they're real.

Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch Book Review

Well, Sara Raasch has struck again. Not only has she once again constructed an immaculate story filled with romance, adventure, and magic with amazing plot points and climax, but she has touched our hearts. Her ever so beautiful writing made the story flow well through the entire thing, I saw a vivid picture on what was happening all of the time. Once again I fell in love with these characters that I grew to love in the book previous to this one. Raasch's books allow me to escape to another world for hours and take the hand of Meira and Theron and Mather and everybody else and leave for an adventure. To this it makes me love this series even more. I thought that it was not possible to love a book more than I loved Snow Like Ashes, but Raasch has even beaten herself.

Read these books and take the hands of the characters as you join them on a journey through everything and fall in love over and over again. For these reasons I give this book, five out of five yellow roses.


10 Great Book Things That I Found Meandering Around on PINTEREST

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7. Counting OTPs

8. There Will Be No Happy Endings, Only Moderate Killings

9. A Fictional Reality

10. My Pledge to Fiction

I hope you enjoyed these just as much as I did!



Reading a Book in a Day?!

Yes. Yes.... YES.

or you could put it this way.

OOOORRRR this way.

Isn't Johnny Depp just the best!

You can take this which ever way that you want.

I just found this interestingly correct.



Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

This book was truly a roller coaster. Within chapters, the main characters were already getting themselves into an extravagant adventure. Although in the middle it was difficult to just keep running with it, or should I say a leisurely stroll, because the climax points just weren't hitting. These points made it somewhat hard to read this book, but the characters and relationships made me stay with it.

Celaena, or should I say Aelin, went through lots of character development and as relationships grew between her and the other characters, a connection that I could feel leeching away at my mind grew as well.

As I said before, this book was a roller coaster. At times I wanted to tear my eyes out, others I thought I was going to cry my eyes out. Then out of nowhere there would be a line, just one line, that would make me laugh so hard that I would question my sanity. But with all of those things there were still those points that, yes stuff happened and I was still interested, but it …

Christmas Book Haul

So I got a few books for this Christmas and a lot of money so I can buy books so here are the few books that I received.

A Thousand Nights by E. K. Johnston

Assassins Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Book Lovers Problems


When the only Simpson that you can connect to is Lisa.

A real friend would.

Check out my midnight reading posts.

When your receipt is as long as your TBR list.

This explains all.

Best. Thing. Ever.


Me with my parents.

Major turn-off, not reading.

While reading a good book.

Delaney M.

Midnight Reading 2

So about two nights ago I really couldn't sleep. I layed in bed for about an hour and then I just thought "You know what. I'm reading!" I picked up a book from my shelf and I really wanted kind of a cutesie fun read that I could get through quickly and something that I really liked. So what did I choose off of my shelf? You guessed it! (maybe) The Selection! I say in my bed, sipping water from a Starbucks cup and totally being engaged in this book. I didn't pick up the book that I was currently reading, no I picked up this cutesie book that I hadn't read in over a read. Now why do you think I did that? Why does ones reading radar change at three in the morning. Plus, I got through that book, IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS ALTOGETHER. Does ones brain register words faster at three am. Just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know. Anyways I just wanted to say that.

Delaney M.