Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch Book Review

Well, Sara Raasch has struck again. Not only has she once again constructed an immaculate story filled with romance, adventure, and magic with amazing plot points and climax, but she has touched our hearts. Her ever so beautiful writing made the story flow well through the entire thing, I saw a vivid picture on what was happening all of the time. Once again I fell in love with these characters that I grew to love in the book previous to this one. Raasch's books allow me to escape to another world for hours and take the hand of Meira and Theron and Mather and everybody else and leave for an adventure. To this it makes me love this series even more. I thought that it was not possible to love a book more than I loved Snow Like Ashes, but Raasch has even beaten herself.

Read these books and take the hands of the characters as you join them on a journey through everything and fall in love over and over again. For these reasons I give this book, five out of five yellow roses.


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