Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

This book was truly a roller coaster. Within chapters, the main characters were already getting themselves into an extravagant adventure. Although in the middle it was difficult to just keep running with it, or should I say a leisurely stroll, because the climax points just weren't hitting. These points made it somewhat hard to read this book, but the characters and relationships made me stay with it.

Celaena, or should I say Aelin, went through lots of character development and as relationships grew between her and the other characters, a connection that I could feel leeching away at my mind grew as well.

As I said before, this book was a roller coaster. At times I wanted to tear my eyes out, others I thought I was going to cry my eyes out. Then out of nowhere there would be a line, just one line, that would make me laugh so hard that I would question my sanity. But with all of those things there were still those points that, yes stuff happened and I was still interested, but it seemed, well... boring, and I would just read through, waiting for something amazing to happen, like a mid-summer thunderstorm. If I keep my head out of the dull rain, I can wait for the rainbow. Sorry for that horrible analogy.

Until the last one-hundred pages. Oh. My. God. I lost myself, yelling, screaming in triumph and loss and hope. It was so jam packed that I thought that my brain was about to burst!

But all in all, this book was great and terrifically written as are all of S. J. Maas' books are so for that, I give it 4 out of 5 yellow Roses.



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