Just a Random Thought

I had just a Random thought that I would like to share with you all. It really is a question. Why do girls stress about getting a boyfriend? I mean, we have books and we fall in love with the characters and the great thing is is that you dont fall in love with how they look but how they act speak react and think. That I think is the best way to fall in love. Yeah they're fictional, so what! You don't have to deal with things a normal couple would and they are all yours. Because in actuality they don't come like they do in the books
 So instead of thinking that your life is over because you think you have no one to love, pick up a book. Read it and fall in love over and over with a fictional character. It doesn't matter and this may seem weird to some of you but to others, they know exactly what I am talking about. And who knows, maybe they'll make that book into a movie and that person will be a perfect dream cast. At least they're real.

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