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To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han Review

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This book was an adorable relief to all of the high fantasies that I read. At the beginning of this book for about the first 80 pages, I wasn't feeling like I was liking this book. It wasn't really going anywhere but after those first 80 pages, it really hit the ground running and I thought it was adorable and funny.

The characters in this were really well rounded and I thought that the relationships between the characters were great. I really liked the plot and it just seemed so real, which is kind of weird because it seems a little far-fetched, but really I think that the characters and the relationships between them really helped this book seem really . . . real.

This plot was really nice and it had some great points that hit in the right spots, sometimes they were a little out of the blue. Some of the time there were some things that happened that were not seen before hand but it still had a nice climax and arc to it.

This was just a fun and…

Currently Reading

Today I will tell you what I am currently reading.

The first book that I have been reading and I'm actually almost done with it, kind of, is . . .
To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

The second book that I have been reading is . . .  The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas

I will have some reviews up for these books as soon as possible. 

Thanks, See Ya, Delaney M.

Vacation Reads

Right now I am on Spring Break and since I am not going anywhere, I have a list of books that I am planning on reading over Spring Break.
Here they are...

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
I have like 100 pages of this book left so I will be doing a review on this book soon. Maybe today I will upload a review for it, so far I really like it, so far, I'd give it a 4 or 4.5 out of 5 yellow roses.
2. The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas I have already started this one as well, I am about 100 pages into it, so I think I will try and finish it tomorrow.
3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver I guess Im going to read this book next, I have already read it, but I kind of want to read it again, because I never did a review on it.
4. The Unknown Book Unwrapping 
As you know, I have been doing this thing where I wrap up books and then someone chooses one of the books and I have to read that one next, Passenger (which I never actually finished, I know, I know, shame on me) and…

Nostalgic Princess Reading

So, I was reading a book, and of course, the person that I love died.

This seems to always happen.
So I was feeling a little down so I picked up the second Princess Diaries book by Meg Cabot and just started reading. I had already read the first one like a week or so earlier, just keep that in mind. So I'm sitting in my health class, we had just taken a quiz and I was just hanging out and reading the book and my friend who was sitting across from me goes, "You are reading that again?" and I say "Well this is the second book and that dude died and I just needed something happy, and she goes "That is ridiculous, do you just carry that around?" she said that jokingly though.

And so I say "Yeah, I do, just in case of an emergency." "Oh God," she said, and I just go "Wait for it," and pull out the first book from my backpack and we start cracking up.

And remember that these covers are the worst in existence.
Just look at these:


Book Haul

Today I will be doing a book haul from one of my favorite local bookstores! I only got a couple of books.
So these are the books that I bought at the book shop.
1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han I have been eyeing this book since it came out but I never bought it when I saw it at Barnes and Noble but when I saw it for $8.95 at this shop, so I just bought it.
2. Unwind by Neal Shusterman So I have been meaning to read this for years, like since I read The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (Yeah, that long) I just finally bought it because it was 6.95 in which it was brand new.
3. Princess in the Spotlight by Meg Cabot  You know that I reread the Princess Diaries a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think I ever read past the first book so I bought the second and I will continue the huge series. 

Well that was it, well except I bought a pin that said "Future Author" on it.
I hope you liked this little book haul. 

Thanks, See Ya, Delaney M.

A Vacancy in the Diner by Tatiana Anderson

This was the winner for best idea from my poetry contest.

A Vacancy in the Diner
by Tatiana Anderson

There was a chair in the window,
where he sat everyday.
Laughing and smiling,
to whatever she'd say.
But lately there was a vacancy there.
Nobody sitting in that chair.
And that chair was vacant from now on.
As if he'd never been there all along.

I hope you liked my choice for the winner of this category and sorry it took so long to get this up, I've had a lot of stuff to do.

Comment what you thought! I'm sure she would be happy to see the nice things.


Delaney M.

Winger by Andrew Smith Review

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Recently, I have finished Winger by Andrew Smith. This book was witty, vulgar and all around spectacular! I will say though, that if you are a girl and you read this book, it may make you feel uncomfortable and you should not read this if you are a young child, but if not. It is truly amazing. You can see the way that the main character, Ryan Dean, over the span of a couple of months. It had a great cast of characters, and very well rounded. You had those you hated and those that you loved. I cried multiple times throughout this book and I had so many emotions through this book. I read it in a couple of long sittings and I'm sure that a lot of people could finish it in one sitting. If I had the time, I would have. But the plot was always interesting and there was always something funny or awesome feeling even when something traumatizing was happening. Smith did an excellent job of showing us into the mindset of a boy go…