Nostalgic Princess Reading

So, I was reading a book, and of course, the person that I love died.

This seems to always happen.
So I was feeling a little down so I picked up the second Princess Diaries book by Meg Cabot and just started reading. I had already read the first one like a week or so earlier, just keep that in mind. So I'm sitting in my health class, we had just taken a quiz and I was just hanging out and reading the book and my friend who was sitting across from me goes, "You are reading that again?" and I say "Well this is the second book and that dude died and I just needed something happy, and she goes "That is ridiculous, do you just carry that around?" she said that jokingly though.

And so I say "Yeah, I do, just in case of an emergency." "Oh God," she said, and I just go "Wait for it," and pull out the first book from my backpack and we start cracking up.

And remember that these covers are the worst in existence.
Just look at these:

Yes, they are truly horrid, but they make me happy and nostalgic and they are mass market paperbacks with yellowing pages that smell amazing, so yes, Hannah, I do carry them around. 

Just wanted to share that, plus I found all of these great gifs.

Thanks for sticking through my rant

Delaney M.

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