Winger by Andrew Smith Review

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Recently, I have finished Winger by Andrew Smith. This book was witty, vulgar and all around spectacular! I will say though, that if you are a girl and you read this book, it may make you feel uncomfortable and you should not read this if you are a young child, but if not. It is truly amazing. You can see the way that the main character, Ryan Dean, over the span of a couple of months. It had a great cast of characters, and very well rounded. You had those you hated and those that you loved. I cried multiple times throughout this book and I had so many emotions through this book. I read it in a couple of long sittings and I'm sure that a lot of people could finish it in one sitting. If I had the time, I would have. But the plot was always interesting and there was always something funny or awesome feeling even when something traumatizing was happening. Smith did an excellent job of showing us into the mindset of a boy going through a lot. It also had an interesting concept and it was nice to learn some new things about rugby. 

This book was truly amazing and I'm sure that many of you would like it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 yellow roses.

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Delaney M.

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