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Best Books of 2014/ The Feels of Fangirling/boying Awards! 1st ever!!!

The Feels of Fangirling Awards!!!!!!!!!! FIRST EVER!!!!!!

Comment what you think are the best books o' 2014 for each of these categories,

-Best Overall Books
-Best Contemporary Novel
-Best World 
-Best High Fantasy Novel
-Best Ending Series
-Best book to movie adaptation 
-Best sci-fi book
-Best Debut author
-Best author 
-Best Contemporary/Romance book
-Best Mystery Books
-Best Book that gave you all the feels'
-Best Book Hang-over Award


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~Delaney MacDonald

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~Delaney Grace


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Favorite Book????

So many people ask me what my favorite book is. The truth is, it is impossible to tell! I DONT HAVE A FAVORITE BOOK! At least not that I know of. Another thing that I am annoyed at the fact that everyone at school wants to know what Im reading and immediately they want to read it and then when they do, they do not give me credit for telling them, and no one that I personally talk to take my suggestions and then two years later, they read it when it gets popular! GIVE ME SOME CREDIT!!!!!!!

~Delaney M.


IM SO CLOSE TO FINISHING REVOLUTION 19! I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO READ A LOT BECAUSE OF SCHOOL BUT IT IS AMAZING SO FAR!!!!!!!!! I went to the BTAF I bought gregg rosenblum's book Revolution 19 and HE SIGNED IT FOR ME. I also got Hungrry by H A Swain and I got Heather to sign it as well. I also saw ALEXANDRA BRACKEN!!!! she is literally my favorite author of all time!!!!! and as you know, I know a lot of authors and Ive read a lot of books so that is saying a lot.

 ```````````` whoa I found a weird key on my keyboard!!!!!!!

Alienated by Melissa Lander

Okay, this is not a review. Im just talking about the book. If you are under the age of like 14 or 15, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a lot of content that is not appropriate at all for people under the age of like 13, do not read it if you are under that age.

Special Power

If I had a special power, I would be able to do mind control because I am really good with psycology and stuff, but I would like to control things with my mind.

~Delaney M

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The One By Kiera Cass Book Review

The One by Kiera Cass was really good. I loved the plot twists that happened and I also loved how it brought out the feels. It was a really good book and reading it was really fun. America was a little better at her annoying habits. But the plot was really good and I loved how Maxon acted throughout the book. I just loved it all. I didn't like a few components but I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say. But all in all, a great book. You guys should definitely read the series if you have not.


Graceling Book Review

Okay, I really shipped the main characters in this book. This book is hard to get into and slow at some times but great plot. I think some of you guys would love it, you just have to get past the beginnings and the slow parts and it is really good. All in all, Graceling was good, but confusing. So if you want to learn more, look it up on Google because it will be hard for me to tell you what it is about and not spoil it for you. So check it out.

~Delaney MacDonald

Selection- MORE BOOKS!!!

Kiera Cass has just released (well a little while ago) on the Epic Reads YouTube channel that shed will be releasing more books of the Selection series. And here is the even better part. IT WILL BE FROM A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW!!!!! So I (and those who agree with me) don't have to deal with as much of America's annoyingness. I do love America at times, but at others, she is BAT VRAP CRAZY AND ANNOYING AS HELL!

Book Review of Dodger by Terry Pratchet

The beginning of this book was kind of confusing and slow but once you get into it, it is witty and fun and mysterious. It is a historical fiction/fantasy so it is very interesting. I honestly didn't like it at the beginning because of how slow it goes but you will totally regret it if you do not finish the book because I thought that it was great and well written and so interesting because Dodger meets people like Charles Dickens in it and an insane barber that cuts peoples throats so it is a really interesting book so you should totally check out what it is about and pick up a copy.

Kind of a Reading Slump

Im sorry I haven't been posting, I can't think of some books that I want to review. I'm taking forever to read Graceling so you'll have to wait a little longer for that review. The next book that I will be reading after Graceling is The One By Kiera Cass. And Im very excited to read that. And for all you selection fans out there, Kiera Cass said that there will be even more books in The Selection series and they will be told from a different point of view so very excited about that as well. You can comment a book that you want me to review if you want to see if you want to read it or see if I have the same point of view on things.


The Misshapes by Alex Flynn

Now dont go looking for this online because it has not come out yet. That's right, I got an advanced readers copy of it. On the cover, there is a sticker what it says, THE MISSHAPES*Alex Flynn, Uncorrected Proof, and Not Final Cover so yeah. AMAZING! I got an advance copy like a month before it came out from the publisher. The publisher is Polis Books so you should definitely check them out. I'm actually waiting for another book to come from a publisher or an author called, Up The Tower. So that will be lots of fun too. I feel so special because like this publisher sent me a book and as soon as I read it, I will send out a review of it. Telling you if it was good or just okay or absolutely horrid or maybe even absolutely awesome. You never know.


Book Haul!!!!!

Now this is not a video book haul like you see on the Youtube(hehe) this is just me writing about the books, so up first is Doon by Carie Corp and Lorie Langdon. This was a really interesting book, I already read it and I dont know if I did a book review on it or not so Ill just not tell you what it is about for now, but it was interesting. I thought that it was a little slow to get into. It kind of dragged for about 70 pages but then all of these amazing things happened so it was really good, I definitely recommend it. My second book is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Now I already kind of read this book, I mean I read like 100 pages and got agitated by the cover because it showed a realistic picture of the girl and I didnt like that, so I waited for the new cover to come out and I finally got it. The third book is Alienated by Melissa Landers. I have heard so many good things about this book and I am so eager to start it!

My fourth book is Graceling by Kristen Cashore. I have star…

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

So far in this series, Im on The Elite which is the second book, Im about 250 pages into it so I dont have much left. Some short easy books to book fanatics to read. I loved these books. I loved the concept I loved the wording. Something that I hated was the main character. She was so irritable it made my skin crawl. I do highly recommend this series to people who like a dystopian novel/romance and games, although you might be throwing these books across the room a couple of times due to the main characters thought process and actions. Im sure you will love these books, and some of you might like the main character although, I personally do not.


Book Review Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

A cutsie contemporary love story that will keep you hating the enemy, and loving the main characters. I do not recommend this book to anybody under the age of maybe 11 or 12 because there are some things in it that may not be appropriate. But it was definitely an amazing book. You see the struggle in Eleanor and what she has to go through and then you see the little things that Park has to deal with and you see how they help each others own problems. Everyone over the age of 11 should definitely read this book.

Book Review Linked by Imogen Howsen

I literally just finished this book. I absolutely loved it! I was really frustrated with the main character, because she seemed to be arrogant and ignorant and just annoying kind of. She made stupid decisions but I loved to hate her! Throughout the book, I found myself like yelling at her and other characters inside of my head, because I couldn't scream out-loud because it was 2 am and my family was asleep. You guys should really read it if you like space and shuttles and things like that, but if you don't particularly like that kind of stuff, you will definitely not like this.

--Delaney Grace MacDonald

Book Review of Ms. Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I believe that this book was amazingly written! The old photographs that are within the book are so interesting to look at and they make the book even more interesting. I know I probably say this a lot or Im going to, but you are kind of pulled into the home for peculiar children because you get to know them through the main character. The abilities that they have are so interesting too. The girl who has to put lead in her shoes so she can just stay on the ground. It is a thin book, big readers could finish it in one sitting. Maybe...

I actually read this way before I reviewed it. so dont worry
--Delaney Grace MacDonald

Double Identity by Margret Peterson Haddix

Honestly, I loved this book. It is a simple read that you can just sit down for a couple of hours and finish it. I love Margret Peterson Haddix, she is an amazing writer. Just the things that she can come up with. During the book you are kind of trapped inside of what the main character is feeling, and then you come to this realization that her mom is kind of going insane. She doesn't know what's going on and she is really scared and she shares all of her emotions with you in the book. About two summers ago, I took the entire summer reading all of Haddix's books and other books as well. I have always loved her and possibly always will.

--Delaney Grace MacDonald

Book Review Freakling by Lana Krumweide

In Freakling by Lana Krumweide the people in this other world all have psi, which means that they have a special ability that means that they can move things with there mind. When the main character loses his abilities he is considered a freakling and he has to go to this other place where everyone doesn't have these abilities. He meets these new friends and he goes on dangerous little adventures with them, he obviously finds a girl that he really likes. This book was amazing, the plot line was great, you could follow it very well, and it kind of opens your imagination to these things that happen in the book. If you have not read it, you need to, but remember when it gets really popular or you tell your friends about, remember to mention me, Delaney.

--Delaney Grace MacDonald


Well, this is a book review site. Im sorry if I offend you if you like a book that I think is bad. Or  if you hate a book and I happen to love it. I have a wide variety of books that I have read. And you can comment below if you want me to review a book.