Reivew Policy

These are my review policies for publishers and authors seeking for my expertise in reading their ARCs and/or novels. Here are my policies.

The genres that I typically read are YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Other Fiction (Such as Contemporary). But I also review Middle Grade novels as well as some New Adult books.

I DO NOT review Adult books.

To contact me for a request for me to review your novel, you can email me at (business email) or (I'm sorry I kept this from when I was eight years old, this is my personal)

Please include the following in your email to me in your request...
1. A synopsis of the book
2. Author bio/author website link
3. Goodreads page link
4. Why you would like me to read your novel

If you are a teen writer (between the ages of 12 and 19) and you would like representation for your novel in the form of a literary agent for FREE! then email me at one of the email addresses above. You must be between those ages because I would like to help my fellow teens to try and get their book published (it isn't impossible! We can do it!) and you write either children's or YA books.

I hope you choose me for business needs!

Thank you!

Delaney M.

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