Problems/Things That Book Nerds Do

This is my third post for problems/things that book nerds do.

#1. Books are drugs, and we are 100% addicted.
#2. When people say, "It's just a story"/"It's just a character"
#3. When you read a line that is just so amazing that you close the book and stare at whatever is in front of you for a while.
#4. Smiling stupidly in public when your OTP gets together in the book.
#5. Acting as if you are in the movie that plays in your head ("Whoa! That arrow came out of nowhere!" *swishes head around)
#6. The looks that you get when you scream at a character due to their decisions in public.
#7. Associating certain books with certain parts of your life.
#8. The worst thing in the world is someone spoiling a book for you.
#9. Having to wait for a year for the next book in a series to come out.
#10. Having to reorganize your books after you go buy a lot of them.

Those were ten things that are problems for book nerds, and things that we do. 


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