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Hey guys, today I am doing a blog collab with my friend Kierra over at her blog,, you guys should really check her blog, it's a lot of fun and you will love it!

So, now, this is the collab!

1.The Percy Jackson Series
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I think this was the worst movie adaption I’ve ever watched. They had crappy casting for Percy and the movie refused to follow the clear plot guidelines created by the book. Instead of Percy’s sassy comebacks and lovable snark, the audience is faced with a character who is unnecessarily arrogant about things he shouldn’t be. Instead of working with the well-loved characters of Rick Riordan’s novels the movie tears apart everything fans loved. (And then, to make it worse, they made a sequel) But yeah, you can totally watch it if you're a fan of terrible film that's about the quality of a Disney Channel original movie.

2. Divergent
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Second on our hit list is the adaptation of Divergent. In this movie, they changed the concept of the book; Tris Prior was not the “chosen one” in the novel. There are so many other "divergents- it wasn’t she was chosen to take down the corrupt government; she decided that she needed to do something about it. Another problem with this is the fact that they are idolising a character that many readers lost respect for in the third book. Another reason book lovers are furious about the movie adaption is the essential loss of the characters Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene. These characters are, in [our] opinions, some of the best written characters in the book. They all had strong personalities and provided not only comic relief, but a break from Tris and Tobias’ dramatic and unnecessary relationship problems. However, they are barely touched upon in the adaption.

3. The Hobbit
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Finally we have the Hobbit movies. I’ve read The Hobbit and The Lord of The Ring series and highly enjoyed them. While The Lord of The Ring movies were more or less accurate, The Hobbit (a single book) was stretched into three movies, which affected the plot a LOT. The movie is the book on steroids, with a separate ending and missing plot points. They took the entire last movie and stretched it out. They made up more aspects to the story line  to make more money and they didn’t do it correctly. Missing plot points is okay to an extent but the hobbit crosses the line. (Kierra's side note: I actually love the Hobbit movies because they're hilarious after you've read the book!)
Who remembers Tauriel from the book? That's right- the she-elf wasn’t even a character in Tolkien's novel.

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Hope you liked this little collab.
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