Review for The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas

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So just a little while ago, I finished this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As you all know if you have read any of my other review for Sarah J. Maas's books, her writing style is amazing and completely captivating, although I did have many distractions for this book which is why it took me sooo long to read, I blew through the second half. This book really gave background to Celaena's life before the day she got out of Endovier. We got to see so much background on characters that we didn't really hear from a lot and it gave us very good insight into how Celaena was as a person before and how she progressed throughout these books. And for those who did not read this book and are wondering if they have to or not, you don't, it is just a prequel, although I would highly suggest picking it up and reading it (before reading Queen of Shadows is really helpful)because it does bring you up to speed on Celaena's emotions towards other characters and their backgrounds. Plus, it did have a cohesive plot line even though they were more like novellas bound up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Yellow Roses/

Delaney M.

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