The Revival By Chris Weitz Review

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As you may have seen in my previous currently reading, I didn't even know this book was out so it was a happy surprise to see it on the shelf. 

So to begin the review.

You guys know that I already love these characters and they didn't really introduce anyone new into the story because it is a wrap up to a series. But the characters were as great as ever. The dialogue was quick and witty and all of the elements of all of the characters were very good.

My only problem with this book was that it seemed that Weitz was trying to fit a 350 page book into a 250 page book, the book was short and quick which I usually like from an end of a series, but the shortness of this one seemed unethical. I just think that some things could have been explained more to give a more well-rounded end to a series. But that was basically my only problem with it. And it isn't a big problem, but just at some points I was confused.

Weitz has a way to put a hilarious turn on a deadly situation. 

For that reason and the reason that I all around really enjoyed this book, 
I will rate it 4.5 out of 5 yellow roses!


Delaney M.


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