Reading Update

Hey guys!
Today I will be sharing with you a reading update.
As you guys may know by my previous posts, I had gone camping and while camping a I read many books in one sitting, this was a glorious achievement. But I forgot about the backlash of reading like that. The problem with me is that if I read nonstop and go very fast, at some point I am going to hit a wall. I hit that wall while reading Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. So now I am in a bit of a reading slump. Don't worry it isn't too bad, and I will be uploading frequently. I just have the slump. So I am hoping that the quick and easy book that I am reading right now, The Young Elites by Marie Lu is going to get me out of that slump. And remember when I said that I wasn't reading The Young Elites because it seemed too much like The Darkest Minds? Well it is very different. A totally different style and the characters and the basis are so different. I am highly enjoying it so far!

More updates coming soon and hopefully some fun little posts too throughout the day!

Delaney M.

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