Reminder to Enter the Writing Contest!

Hey guys!
This is just a reminder to enter the writing competition that is hosted by myself and Kierra from (Go check out her blog for some other cool stuff). The contest is running until July 31st, so make sure that you enter! For more info on the contest go to my earlier post CLICK HERE. If you would like to enter the contest, you can click HERE and fill out the Google Form! We are very excited by the contest, and we already have entries coming in! But don't worry! With all of the categories, EVERYBODY HAS A CHANCE!

Remember! You will be recognized on both websites for all viewers to see! This includes PUBLISHERS, AGENTS, AND AUTHORS that visit the sites. There is no guarantee that a publisher, agent or author viewing the site will pick up your writing, but there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE! SO MAKE SURE YOU ENTER!!!!!

Again, this was a just a quick reminder to those who write YA to enter the competition and try to get their work out there. I know that many of you have a passion for writing and my friend and I are trying to embrace that in our blogs!

Delaney M.

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