Hardbacks vs. Paperbacks

Hi guys!

So I was recently tagged on Instagram for a Would You Rather Tag, and there was a question of hardback vs. paperback and I was so conflicted. So I decided to make this post and then just put the link for my answer. So if you are here from Instagram, hello! Im Delaney and I post on here quite often, I hope you fun with it.

1. More durable
2. Prettier
3. Comes out first in the USA
4. Naked books are beautiful (most of the time)
1. Cost much more money
2. Sometimes hard to get a matching set

1. Cost much less money
2. Easier to read/hold while reading because they are lighter
3. If you get on the band wagon late, you can get a matching set
4. Easier to travel with/smaller
1. Less durable
2. Comes out later

You see, this is a big problem, because my pros and cons for both sides are exactly the same so this is an impossible would you rather. They balance out perfectly!!! What do you prefer????

Thanks for reading this rant type thing,

Delaney M.

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