Caraval by Stephanie Garber Rant Review

Hi guys,

Today I am so excited to be reviewing Caraval by Stephanie Garber!

OH. MY. GOD. Those are the words that I can muster from just finishing this fantastic book just minutes ago. Not only has Garber created a world unlike any other, but she has created characters that you feel invested in. Just the idea of this book is extraordinary and unique. I can't even decide if this is a plot or character driven novel because both aspects were just so intricate and amazingly well done. Garber's writing allowed me for to lose all sights of reality and enter the world of Caraval. The amount of plot twists scattered throughout this book was maddening yet magical. I thought that my mouth was never going to close with the amount of times that I dropped my jaw at the plot twists.
You would think you know that a plot twist was about to happen. You would think that you have everything figured out, until it gets to a part of the story where everything changes and all you can do it put down the book for a second and only a second to look out in space and say, "WTF JUST HAPPENED???!!" 

I had so many feelings throughout this book. Whether it be for the relationship between Scarlett and Tella, or just the things that would happen to Julian and Scarlett.

When you read this novel, you are playing Caraval. "All of it is a game," they say, yet can you truly believe them when everything points to it being real? Garber is brilliant with the way that she has made an intricate plot and cast of characters to create a well-rounded, full novel that will refuse to be put down by the readers. It is a 400 page book and yet that isn't enough. There always needed to be more. And thank God that this is a series or I wouldn't be able to live. In no way is this a bad thing either. There would be one confusing part and then all of a sudden; an explanation for this, a reasoning for that. Garber did it. She gave a satisfying explanation for every whacky occurrence throughout the novel.

This book reminded me of why I love reading. Reading is an escape. It takes you to another world and makes you get wrapped up in the characters and create feelings that you didn't think you had. This book made all of that happen, and more. There is a reason why every person that I have talked to that read this book said it was amazing and I completely get it now. Not only is Caraval well-written, but it is completely thought out with the most interesting idea I have heard in ages. You love the characters as if they were friends in your life (or hate them as enemies for that matter).

Hands down, 5 out of 5 yellow roses!

Go. Read Caraval right now. Be engulfed and wonder what we all did, "Is any of it real?"

Thanks for reading my rant review,

Delaney M.

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