The Siren by Kiera Cass Book Review

Hi guys!
Im sorry that this is super late, I read this book ages ago but I am finally getting around to putting up the reviews for all of the books that I read. So all of you guys will be seeing a lot of book reviews today as well as maybe some other content.

Anyways, this is my review for The Siren by Kiera Cass

So I want to get this across as quickly as possible, this was definitely not my favorite Kiera Cass book. I found it very insta-lovey which I know that many people do not like. Although this insta-love didn't really make me angry, I also really enjoyed the love interest this book. The concept was a little cliche but I personally hadn't read many books before that involved sirens so I thought that it was fine. I did really enjoy the plot for this though. There were so many twists and turns and there were actually some heart-wrenching moments. I did like most of the characters even though I thought that the main character was annoying. I enjoyed the relationships between the characters as well, I thought that they were real feeling (except for the insta-love). So I guess overall I will give this book a 3.5 out of 5 yellow roses. Not my favorite, not that bad though. It was a really easy book to get through but it definitely did not blow me away.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Delaney M

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