All of the Holidays Book Tag (Original)

Hi guys!

From a request, I will start doing Book Tags on this blog. This is an original tag so I made up all of the questions and everything. I will say that these are all of the major holidays that I celebrate, so some of them are purely American, you can change the solely American ones if you want to do this tag and you live in another country and celebrate a different holiday.

Okay let's get started with this tag!

1. New Years: Name a book or series that you read every year
I feel like this is an answer for nearly everybody has but it still is my choice. 

2. Valentines Day: Name a book centered around a relationship
I know, I know, not very Valentines Day-y because it is all about a break up, but it is still about a relationship and the majority of this book is stories from their actual relationship, and the reason's why they broke up. 

3. St. Patrick's Day: Name a book with gold on the cover
I mean, the gold palace

4. Easter: Name a book with Spring/Easter colors on the cover
These soft colors are ones that you'd find on an Easter egg so this is my answer.

5. July 4th: Name a book where the idea of freedom is involved
I know that most of you know the plot of this book, but for anyone who doesn't, Celaena is given the option of freedom from the salt mines if she competes to the be the King's Champion. 

6. Halloween: Name a book that is scary
It's not that this book is scary like there are ghosts and goblins in it, no, the scariest part of this book is the concept. Just the stuff that goes down in this book is horrifying to think of, like if this were to happen in our society, I would be so scared.

7. Thanksgiving: Name a book that has a feast in it
I hate to do another Harry Potter book (no I don't) but this is what I think of when I think of a book with a feast in it, because the feasts that they have at Hogwarts are spectacular and I want to be there!

8. Christmas: Name a book that you want under your tree
Image found here:
I have heard so many amazing things about this book and I just want it!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this new tag post and be on the lookout for new content!
Have a good day!


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