YA Book Awards 2016 (The Categories)

Hey guys!

So every single year I say that I am going to do this, but I am determined to do a YA book award show this year! So what I am thinking is that I will have the regions (what are they called again? oh yeah! Categories!) So I'll have the categories and then I will make a form or a poll that is privated to me and all of you guys can vote on what you think are the best in those categories. So right, without further a do, here are the categories...

  • Best Overall Book
  • Most Badass Female Protagonist
  • Most Badass Male Protagonist
  • Best Supporting Character
  • Best Fantasy Book
  • Best Sci-Fi Book
  • Best Fairy-Tale Retelling
  • Best Contemporary Book
  • Best Historical Fiction Book
  • Book that made you cry the most
  • Book that made you want to throw it across the room in a fit of rage
  • Best Book Boyfriend
  • Book that made you go into the biggest reading slump
  • Best Debut Author
  • Best Series that Ended
  • Best Stand-Alone Book
I may take out or add some categories in the time being, but for now here are the categories so be thinking about what books you want to win! I will be putting up the poll or Google Form very soon. SPREAD THE WORD MY CHERUBS!!!!!!! 
I want to have a good mix of lots of books so that is very diverse and stuff. 
See YA!!! 

Delaney M.

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