Hey guys!

Attached to this post I have a Google Form! Please fill it out so you can get your favorites on the list for my (actual) first annual YA Book Awards! Please know that the books that are nominated may only be ones published in 2016.

Now I will remind you of the categories, there were a few changes that I did.

1. Best Overall Book
2. Most Badass Female Protagonist/Best Female Protagonist
3. Most Badass Male Protagonist/Best Male Protagonist
4. Best Supporting Character
5. Best Fantasy Book (All Fairy-tale retellings are under this category)
6. Best Sci-Fi Book
7. Best Contemporary Book
8. Book that made you cry the most
9. Book that made you want to throw it across the room in a fit of rage
10. Best Book Boyfriend
11. Book that gave you the biggest book hangover
12. Best Debut Author
13. Best Overall Author
14. Best Series that Ended
15. Best Stand-Alone Book

Please take the time to fill out the form so that your favorite books can make it to at least the nominations!!!

Delaney M.

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