Rook by Sharon Cameron Review *Mild Spoilers*

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Short Summary:
Sophia Bellamy's family's finances is going under after the death of her mother and her father's awful grief. In a desperate attempt to keep the family house, Sophia is set up to marry a wealthy man she has never met, Rene Hasard. Meanwhile, the Red Rook, a hidden vigilantly, is breaking people out of prison who are sent to death by the Razor, and leaving a single black and red rook feather. When the search for the Red Rook comes to the Bellamy House by Rene's cousin, LeBlanc, things take a bad turn.

Okay guys. Let's talk. I was so confused during this book. It wasn't that it was bad, in fact, I loved the idea of it. I just believe that Cameron really didn't execute it as well as it could've been. There were a couple of parts that I had wondered in the time of reading them why they were included, because they just seemed to be taking up space, but they in fact did have a meaning later in the story. 

Now. Characters. I really didn't really like Sophia, it seemed as if she was, I don't know under developed. Or Cameron was just trying too hard to have a main character that I could root for. I don't think I could root for her. The only characters I actually liked were Rene and Tom. Everyone else, especially Spear I did not like. The characters just didn't seem real, their emotions just kind of came up out of nowhere. That left you wondering even more than you had before. I did think that Sophia's other identity, the Red Rook was developed. She had more of an edge as the Red Rook, which made her more enjoyable. The Red Rook had this mysterious aspect about her which I liked. But the relationships, I did not like. Again they weren't realistic. I couldn't feel the impact of the relationships as much as I should have. If you were engaged to a man you barely knew and your brother was about to be executed, how would you honestly act? Probably not like how Sophia did.

The world however I liked. I was confused a little about some of the things about the world, but I did think that all of the aspects were really interesting. I had wondered throughout the entire story if the Commonwealth was just Great Britain. Then there was the Razor. Everybody knows it's a guillotine, but it isn't described enough to know for sure. 

I did like the pieces of French thrown into the mix, but if you are not familiar with the language, you may get lost in those small dialogue pieces. 

This book, however, did keep me reading. I enjoyed to sit down and read it, it worked out my brain. It was enjoyable, but an ehh book. The writing was fine, it was okay to read.

I rate this 3 out of 5 stars


Delaney M.

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