Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins Review

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This book was amazing. The only thing that I did not like about this book was the relationships between some of the characters. It made me angry what Harper did with her boyfriend. She just kind of threw him around and gave lame excuses. I wish that Hawkins would have handled that in a different sense but other than that, I liked the characters. 

With plot twist after plot twist it hit you like a bullet. You sat there in awe for a couple of seconds but then you just have to keep reading. The story was an action-packed masterpiece that I refused to put down. I thought that the fight scenes were well done. 

Surprisingly, I actually really like David. I hated Mary Beth, but then again, I think that you were actually supposed to. The characters had these great witty snarky comments that had me laughing throughout. I loved the southern feel of it too, it really gave me insight on what it would be like to be a teenage girl in the south and having to go through things like Cotillion since I don't know a lot about that subject. 

I thought that Hawkins handled such a different idea very well. I can't wait to be picking up the next in the series Miss Mayhem.

I rate this 4.5 out of 5 yellow roses 


Delaney M.

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