The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh Book Review

This book was very much so enjoyable. The writing was exquisite and I found myself being lost between words and pages as I fell into the void that was this book. I loved the characters in this book, although it was hard to remember who was who at times because of the similar but unique names. But they did seem very well developed and they had real thoughts and emotions. Shahrzad did not fall in love with Khalid the instant that they met as many girls and women do in many young adult fiction novels, but instead she barely could stand in the same room as him because of the fiery hatred that infested in her body. As for Khalid, you could really see his struggles and you knew in the back your mind somewhat to how he feels. Tariq, however, I could not stand, in my mind he was a greedy man who only wanted Shahrzad and nothing else, and that may come off as romantic to some, but to me, it made him look needy, greedy, and selfish. 

Ahdieh nailed the plot points with this book. She knew exactly when to put something tragic, mischievous, or affectionate, with some resting points in between. And at the exact points that you thought that you knew exactly what was about to happen, it u-turned into something amazing. 

Although you did not see much of the world, the development of it was spot on. It left you wanting more, to know what is beyond the sandy hilltops, but with enough information that you didn't feel left in the dust and losing the vivid picture in your mind.

Ahdieh put an enchanting spin on an old classic. Bravo.

Five out of Five yellow roses. 


Delaney M.

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