The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey Book Review

This book was truly amazing. The main character was so real and so human to the point that she was so relatable that you'd think that you are the main character, that is if you are female. I had read this book before but forgotten basically everything that happened in it, but with one page after the next, things started coming back. Not only was this book amazingly written and executed, but you could really feel for the characters. I lost my mind in the world and madness that was an alien ridden planet. Although sometimes I was out of place feeling and not knowing exactly where I was, it seemed as though it was done that way on purpose and it made sense. If the character forgot who he/she was or where they were, neither did the reader but it came clear within a couple of pages. Cassie was a great lead and she had really human thoughts and emotions which made me connect with her deeply. When she first meets Evan, she is somewhat distraught as anyone would be if this strange boy took you in and took care of you. Not to mention bathe you. Yancey did this magnificently and really adapted to the psyche of a girl and a boy.

When you write a science fiction novel, to make it a really good and entertaining book, it needs to be realistic in a way. A reader wants to feel as though, "Holy shit, holy shit, this could actually happen one day." Yancey portrayed the perfect example of this in this novel. Though it seems so farfetched, there is always a deeper understanding that makes everything seem as though it is true. You want to be able to forget that this is science fiction and ask yourself "Is this really untrue?". The way that you do this is; one, have a great main character that is developed and relatable; two, have a deeper meaning behind everything; and three, have a realistic, and perfectly developed world. Yancey hit all of these points on the nose and that is why he deserves 5 out of 5 yellow roses.


Delaney M.

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