Book or E-Book?

People ask me this all the time. "Do you prefer reading from a book or an e-reader?" And I never know exactly how to answer, because even though I have a kindle, I do love to have the actual book. It really depends on what you are reading. If I want to read some random book that I don't know if I will like or not and not a lot of people have like reviewed it on goodreads and such, I will probably get it on Kindle, or like a sneak peak or something. Or if it is cheap because most Kindle books are a lot less money than the actual book. But the upside to reading a physical book, is that...

  • They smell nice
  • It is nice to feel in your hands
  • They look pretty on your shelf
  • It doesnt run out of battery. 
  • You are approached by people who see the cover. 
  • The covers are pretty. 
  • You can pet them. 
  • And a ton of other things that I forget. 
  • Oh yeah, you dont strain your eyes. 
So i probably prefer real books but i always feel so conflicted when ever someone asks me that question. So yeah. 

Thats it. 

~Delaney M. 

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