Book Lovers Will Understand These Things

These are some things that true book lovers will understand.

#1. When someone asks you what your favorite book is. All of these GIFs perfectly suit all of this thing.
Image result for there's too many gif
Image result for there's too many gif
Image result for there's too many gif
Image result for there's too many gifI just thought that this was hilarious
#2. Someone asks you something while you're reading, they're dead within two minutes.
#3. Going to the movie just to see what those stupid ass producers and directors screwed up (literally me with Insurgent).
#4. Someone asks what the book that you are reading is about when you are reading that book. 
#5. When you go and see the book to movie adaptation and it completely ruins your mind image of the characters, the world, and everything that you had made up on your own.
#6. When someone asks you why you read since it is "so stupid".
#7. When your favorite character dies. 
(also Im sorry if I repeat any of these, you will just see that I have very strong feelings about these.)
#8. Imagine if your favorite author died in the middle of writing a series. How terrifying would that be?
#9. Dropping a literary reference and you are just sitting there like you are super awesome (cause you are!) and NOBODY UNDERSTANDS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#10. Waiting for the next book.
#11. Always.
#12. Shipping your favorite characters, and nobody understands why.

Those are 12 things that book lovers will understand. 


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