Thank You!

Hey guys,
Today I would like to say something to everyone who regularly reads this blog or this is your first time. Thank you. You guys are so supportive and you make me want to put up more and more content on here. I love YA books and I am so pleased to share my love and opinions on books as well as some fun stuff that everyone can enjoy! This year has been amazing for my blog! I did two writing contests, some collabs and finally, I got to do my YA Book Awards of 2016. I hope that I can even further this blog to something more than it is right now. I love you guys!!! I will keep posting and responding to your thoughtful emails and hopefully bringing some joy (lifting) to your life even if I have crushed you with a bad review of one of your favorite books. <Yes that is what I named my blog after. I remember creating the very first post and I was afraid that I would be ridiculed and maybe mocked for my opinions and the thought of doing this, but that is not the case! You guys are so sweet and I love you guys!

More content soon! 😃

Delaney M.

PS. Also, you guys are the reason that I am able to get books from publishers and authors because of your support!

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