Poetry Contest

I have decided to do a poetry contest because I love poetry and would love to see the poetry that is produced by some of my viewers. The top TWO poems chosen by me will be published on this blog for all of my followers and viewers to see. This is a great opportunity to get your poems out there! And if this keeps going and is a success for a long time, then I will add in extra prizes. 

Here are the rules and guidelines

1. You can enter up to THREE poems that YOU HAVE WRITTEN no plagiarism.
2. All poems will be sent with the name of the author and the information below
     a. Name of the Author (please state if you would like to have your name displayed or pen name if wished.)
     b. Title of poem(s)
     c. Actual text of poems
     d. Word count and line count of poem(s)
3. Poems must be appropriate for anyone at least 13 years of age. 
4. Send in the poem(s) to either Turtles4life3@gmail.com or bookloversliftingandcrushing@gmail.com.
5. The contest will be open for a week starting now. 
6. You can win multiple times. 
7. Two winning poems would be categorized by 1. best writing and 2. best idea

Those are all of things that you need to know for this contest but if you have any more questions feel free to email me.

Let the games begin


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