The Young World by Chris Weitz Review

I recently just finished The Young World by Chris Weitz. No literally like two hours ago I finished the book. This book was altogether witty, clever, and extremely badass. There were times that I would be reading in class and I would just bite my lips to stop from screaming out about a certain part. When I had about 100 pages left in the book, actually, I decided to flip to the last page to see how many pages I had left and I read one sentence. The last sentence in the book. That one, tiny sentence. It spoiled the entire book for me, I thought. Then I had all of these questions about it and all questions answered! 

But all-in-all, this was a fantastic read! The writing style was so unique. The cover was gorgeous. I loved how they changed narration and fonts between chapters. I also thought that one of the main characters, Donna, was so hilarious and so relatable. I wasn't really expecting much out of the book because it was made by a director and the book was kinda iffy, BUT I WAS SO TOTALLY WRONG!!!!! PICK UP THIS BOOK!!!! GET OFF OF THIS WEBSITE AND PICK UP THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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