Some Book Things That I Found on Tumblr

These are some things that I found on Tumblr that are about books so they are appropriate for this blog.

I will say though, I may repeat some of these from before on my blog so don't freak out!!! It's alright, I just forgot my previous content on some of my posts. So just deal with it, if I repeated it, it probably just means that I like that one.

1.  Image result for funny books tumblr

2.Image result for funny books tumblr

3.Image result for funny books tumblr

4.Image result for funny books tumblr



Image result for books tumblr

Sorry this post is probably all screwed up because my computer was getting all crazy so if you can't see some of the images or the numbers are screwed up but I just don't want to deal with it. 

Delaney M.

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