Zodiac by Romina Russell Review

Sorry Romina...

But your book sucked.

I do enjoy myself a good high sci-fi every now and again, but I have standards for those books and this book definitely didn't meet my standards.

The main character in this novel was so annoying and I wanted her to die half of the time. In addition, the only characters that I actually felt a connection with were Hysan and Mathias. And Rho was just a bitch to them most of the time, which I would not tolerate.

In addition to having a cast of horrible characters, I had no idea what was going on half of the time and it wasnt even explained later in the book. Russell would randomly add in things and people then wouldnt explain anything about them and it was just awful.

And always, I could see how this book might have some potential on the story line, but the plot was everywhere, the characters were awful and underdeveloped, the writing wasnt very good, and nothing was explained, I would not pick up this book unless you needed something to put you in a slump or kill you.
Honestly this book took up so much of my energy!

Rating: 2 Yellow Roses



Sorry Romina

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