What Books Got Me Into Reading

Hi guys!
Today I will be sharing with you the books that got me into reading. This was an anonymous request from one of you guys so I thank you for that request. Also, if you have any ideas for what you wanna see on this blog, go to my last post and give your insight! Most likely I'll take your suggestion (like with this one!).

So I have always loved the idea of books and reading and writing, but I have had pitfalls along the way, especially in when I was about 7 or 8, but I kept at it and I had a lot of help from my fourth grade teacher and with her help, I fell in love with books even more. Now, I am not saying that I didn't read when I was 7 or 8, because I did. In fact, some of the books that got me reading how I am today were from that time in my life.

So here we go...

1. Dragon Slayers Academy by Kate Mcmullan
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I definitely owe it to these books for my reading today. I don't know how old I was when I read them. I don't remember getting the books at the bookstore. What I do remember is sitting every single night and reading them with my little brother. I thought they were spectacular. There was something about them that captivated me so much. These are definitely nostalgic for me and when I am feeling down I just pull one out and start reading. Thankfully it takes me very little time to read one and I automatically feel better afterward. Do you guys remember these books?

2. The BFG by Roald Dahl
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Roald Dahl is a classic that most of all of us read. This is a book that I read during those rough times, and I'm glad it did, it really opened my eyes to reading and it was a real chapter book which I was so happy to be able to read. 

3. The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch
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Ah, another book that I owe my reading life to. I don't know exactly when I read this, but it was before the fourth grade. These were my some of my favorite books, the entire series I thought was spectacular. And there was this whole mystery surrounding the author and I wanted to figure it out so badly. I remember thinking that this was such a scary book, in fact, I did not read it at night because of it. Looking back at that now, it seems ridiculous, but I was young. This was completely and utterly amazing and I owe some of my reading life to it.

4. Divergent by Veronica Ross
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I know, I know. A completely hyped up book. Everybody knows Divergent, a lot of you know my story behind it, but I won't tell that now. I will tell you this story though. So I read this in 4th grade (that seems to be a common theme among these books), and I read it because my mother (who is a teacher) was running her book club at her school with some of her students. They were reading this and my mother, knowing that I loved to read, recommended to read it with her. She was actually hesitant about letting me read it, with some of the kinda strong content for a fourth grader in it, but she gave in after my demanding. So I read it, loved it, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. It was my first ever YA read. This is the book that got me into YA. The funny thing is, is that I read it on my mothers kindle the first time I read it. I remember the day that we went to the bookstore and I picked up a copy and ma mere said "there, now you'll always have your own, you needed it" 

5. Harry Potter by JK Rowling 
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I know, this is so cliche, but it is true. I read these probably in 2nd grade. I didn't understand half of them and they took me months but I knew that I loved them. These were the real books that I loved, and always will love. You are never too old to love this magical story. And it is safe to say, that you are never too young.

Thanks for going through that entire thing, I know that most of you didn't read all of it, but that's okay. I just love putting this out there for you guys. So you will know which books really had an impact on me and got me into reading. 

Thanks again,

Delaney M.

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